Top 9 Best Cities in Spain to Visit



Best Cities in Spain


These cities in Spain you simply have to visit

Beautiful architecture, narrow streets, cozy squares, a wonderful climate and an abundance of tapas and wine: there are so many beautiful Spanish cities, but which should you choose for a city trip? Here are some the most visited but also lesser-known Spanish cities that you must have seen once in your life.



Best Cities in Spain

Who says Barcelona says Antoni Gaudí. This quirky artist has left his mark on architecture almost everywhere in the city. Besides the Park Güell and several houses such as Casa Milá and Casa Batiló, the Sagrada Familia is naturally the most famous building of his hand and also the symbol of Barcelona. The most famous street in Barcelona is the Rambla with its many bars, shops and street artists. At the covered market La Boqueria, large hams and fresh fish change owners every minute.



Best Cities in Spain

City of oranges, paella, a beautiful historic center but also of the futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias (‘city of art and science’, an unique cultural-scientific complex): that is Valencia! We want to warn you in advance, chances are you do not want to go home anymore once you are here. The fine authentic atmosphere, many fine restaurants and the lively nightlife combined with the warm climate and location on the Costa del Alzahar make Valencia one of the most beautiful and nicest cities in Spain.



Best Cities in Spain

Granada is amazingly one of the most exotic cities in Spain. You feel like you are in Morocco and the fairy tales of 1000-and-1-night because of the many Moorish influences. The most famous landmark of Granada is the iconic Alhambra. The palaces of the Alhambra were once owned by the Islamic sultan Muhammed III and other Moorish rulers. Although Granada has almost 240,000 inhabitants, it does not feel like a big city. In the cozy historic neighborhoods such as Albaycin or Sacromonte you can get lost in the old narrow streets that lie against a hill, giving you occasional spectacular views.



Best Cities in Spain

In Seville you feel the passion of the real Spain everywhere. The capital of Andalusia is full of authentic Spanish life and you must have seen in your life. The streets of the city are one large open-air museum, with an architecture in which the Moorish influences can be clearly seen. In addition to imposing buildings such as the Alcazar and the Maria de la Sede cathedral, you will also find countless small streets in, for example, the Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz. Seville is the cradle of flamenco, so make sure you experience a flamenco show!



Best Cities in Spain

This city can not be missed: the most important building in Toledo is the impressive Alcázar fortress. The fort is located in the middle of the city and was built by the Romans in the third century. Toledo is one of the oldest cities in Spain and is located just south of Madrid, with a spectacular setting on top of a hill. You can consider Toledo as a travel destination on its own but it is of course more fun to combine these two top cities. The architecture clearly shows the turbulent history of the city; you will find influences from the Romans, Moors, Jews, Christians and Visigoths. Since 1986, the entire center of Toledo is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Best Cities in Spain

Cádiz lies in the sun-drenched southwest of Spain on the Atlantic Ocean. The port city is entirely surrounded by water and is said to be the oldest inhabited city in Western Europe. It is one of the most authentic cities in Spain: it’s a big challenge find someone who speaks English. But that is what makes Cádiz a super cool destination. The city has many similarities with Havana, the capital of Cuba. The exotic seaside promenade of Cádiz for example is a place where you can imagine yourself on the Malécon in Havana. Even the beautiful historic buildings, which were partly peeled off by sea salt and old age, are reminiscent of the beautiful faded glory in the Cuban capital. A visit to Cádiz can easily be combined with a trip through Andalucia or a holiday in the sun. There are a number of beautiful beaches near Cádiz.



Best Cities in Spain

In the center of Spain you will find the breathtaking Salamanca. Most buildings consist of sandstone, which gives the city a beautiful color. That color also becomes 10 times more beautiful at sunrise and sunset when the city turns golden. That’s why Salamanca gets the nickname ‘The Golden City’. In the university city you will find a baroque square on the Plaza Major where many students like to have lunch during the afternoon. The square is also buzzing at other times of the day. Can you picture it already? Someone who plays guitar while you have lunch on a terrace? Delicious!



Best Cities in Spain

There is another pearl in Andalusia: Cordoba. Córdoba is slightly more to the north than Granada and Malaga and is also slightly less known, but even more fun for a city trip! The city has a fairly compact center and you could also visit for a day when you are on holiday in Andalusia. La Mezquita is the landmark of Córdoba: a cathedral and mosque in one that is best known for its red and white arches. There are beautiful parks, beautiful old buildings and nice squares. A nice thing about Cordoba is that the city lies on the water – the river Guadalquivir flows through it – and that always gives a city something extra. If you want to go from one side to the other, take the Puente Romano bridge.



Best Cities in Spain

Cáceres best known for its many, many storks and of course also because the city was placed on the World Heritage list by Unesco in 1985. A beautiful city to visit with a completely walled city center and many medieval architecture (including Arco de la Estrell, Bujaco Tower, Palacio Episcopal). Cáceres has been a center of many races and cultures since ancient times. The oldest murals that have been found are more than 30,000 years old and are located in the Maltravieso caves. The first settlement was Roman called Norbensis Caesarina founded by Lucio Cornelio Balbo and dates from 25 B.C. What remains of this settlement is a city gate called “Arco del Cristo” or “Puerta del Rio”.


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