Things to Do in Rome Italy

10 Best Places to Visit in Rome

BOOK HOTELS BOOK FLIGHTS Things to Do in Rome A trip to Rome is a trip through history. Rome is a kind of open-air museum, where you take a step into the world of the ancient Romans. Visit the Roman Forum, the Pantheon and certainly do not miss the Colosseum! There are also the numerous sculptures and fountains of Bernini and of course the center of Catholicism: the small city-state Vatican City.   Trevi Fountain The Trevi fountain in Rome is probably the most beautiful fountain in the world. The 'Fontana di Trevi' is in any case the most famous. The fountain was built in 1762 after a design by Niccolò Salvi, an Italian architect. Unfortunately, he died prematurely and has never been able to admire the final result. His work was taken over by Pietro Bracci, the sculptor who also...

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