12 Best Destinations for Couples

Most Romantic Places in the World



Most Romantic Places in the World

Are you looking for inspiration to declare your love to your partner in a super romantic place? Are you looking for the ideal place to ask your partner to marry you? Or are you just looking for a quiet destination where you can enjoy each other’s company undisturbed? While some find a city romantic, the other perceives the romanticism in nature or on a pearly white beach. We list our favorite romantic places where you and your loved one can enjoy the environment and each other in peace!



Romantic Places in the World

Wait until the sun sets and float in a hot air balloon along the temples of the city of Pagan. The view is magical and you and your lover will share this experience with each other. With a bit of luck you can see local farmers cycling through the landscape under the balloon.



Most Romantic Places in the World

This location can of course not be missed from the list. Actually it is a must to sail with your partner on a gondola through the canals of the city. But beware: because Venice is very touristy in the summer, it is best to explore the less crowded streets and search for the places off the beaten path. From the Punta della Dogana you have a fantastic view of the city skyline in the evening.



Most Romantic Places in the World

In the Ashford Castle in the village of Cong in Ireland you can imagine yourself being in a fairy-tale world. In this 5-star hotel, fireplaces, classic bathrooms and carafes with sherry form the interior. If you want, you can go horseback riding from this location and take a cruise on the nearby lake. Enough romantic options, for you and your lover.



Most Romantic Places in the World

Florence is one of the most romantic places in Europe. This is not only because of the old buildings and idyllic streets, but also because of the countless concerts, operas and festivals that can be attended in the city. In the Parco delle Cascine you can picnic together while you look out over the city. Another must is the Ponte Vecchio, where couples locks around the bridge with their initials. Sigh, do you feel that romance already?


Most Romantic Places in the World

Nothing is more romantic than Buenos Aires, the city of salsa and tango. In the neighborhood ‘Palermo’ you can walk for hours through the streets and almost stumble across the boutiques and restaurants. Do not be surprised if suddenly an intimate dance demonstration is given as it is part of the culture. However, if your loved one ever asks you to go to the end of the world with him or her, you have to travel to Ushuaia. This city lies at the end of the Andes and the continent and provides access to Antarctica and the South Pole. At Ushuaia the mountains literally plunge into the sea. Do you really want to impress your lover? Then make an unforgettable cruise on the Beagle Channel. En route you enjoy the impressive Andes mountains and each other of course.


Bora Bora

Most Romantic Places in the World

Bora Bora is a paradise. It is regarded by many people as the most beautiful island in the world. It is the pearl of Polynesia and very suitable for a holiday with your lover. In addition, Bora Bora is much more than relaxing in a luxury resort. The green heart of the island is surrounded by beautiful azure lagoons. Diving, water activities and enjoying nature: everything is possible. One hundred points for romance.


Big Sur

Most Romantic Places in the World

California has a beautiful part where many marriage proposals are made. That is why this sparsely populated area on the Pacific coast certainly belongs to the most romantic places on earth. The geological location offers a magnificent view and if you see the images you want to go immediately.


Victoria Falls

Most Romantic Places in the World

If you want to travel to Africa with your lover, visit the Victoria Falls. These immense waterfalls lie between Zambia and Zimbabwe and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These are the widest waterfalls in Africa and a must-see for every traveling couple.


Most Romantic Places in the World

An almost perfect place. The island of Santorini offers one of the most unique landscapes in the world. The island originated from a volcanic crater that disappeared under water. The landscape consists of hills of 80 to 120 m high and consists of various geological layers of black and red ash. On the rocks are white houses that provide a beautiful picture. Try to stay in a hotel that is embedded in the rock wall for a breathtaking effect. These can be found in Oia, the most beautiful village on the island. Enjoy an unique view of the crater, which is especially impressive at night.


Halong Bay

Most Romantic Places in the World

This bay in Vietnam exudes an irresistible charm. The bay offers one of the most famous landscapes in Asia, with about two thousand mountains in all shapes and sizes, which emerge from the sea over a distance of hundreds of kilometers. The landscape is constantly changing and there is a very special atmosphere around these erratic rocks, caves, cavities and tunnels. The bay was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1993 for its natural beauty. Stay overnight in the bay to fully experience the romantic atmosphere that hangs there.



Most Romantic Places in the World

Verona is the village in Italy where the story of Romeo and Juliet took place, one of the best love stories in history. The story written by Shakespeare was inspired by a woman who lived in the Italian city. If you have explored the city, you can travel further to Lake Garda to relax.


Most Romantic Places in the World

Kyoto is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Japan and is on almost every itinerary. Along the Philosophers’ Path you will find hundreds of cherry trees, so during the sakura season you can enjoy an explosion of pink flowers. The rest of the year is pleasant here too.

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