Mamanuca Islands Fiji | Everything You Need to Know

Mamanuca Islands

We know for sure; the word “tropical paradise” was invented here. It is a cliché, but the truth. Everything you expect from a tropical island can be found on the Mamanuca Islands.

With unprecedented blue sea water and snow-white sandy beaches with swaying palm trees, it is like stepping into a travel brochure. Mamanuca is a group of islands with a total of 32 islands and is one of Fiji’s most popular destinations.

History of the Mamanuca Islands

The islands are without exception small. Malolo Island is by far the largest with ten square kilometers. It therefore took a long time before the Europeans discovered these dots on the map. Captain C. Blent officially discovered Malolo Island in the year 1799. More famous and notorious, however, is Charles Wilkes. He moored at Malolo in 1840.

During food negotiations with the islanders, the flame went up. Charles Wilkes had to bury two men from his expedition on Kadavu Island. Charles Wilkes and his men carried out major revenge actions, destroying cities and crops and killing many residents. But eventually things got quiet between the inhabitants of Mamanuca and the Westerners. The chief of Malolo even promised to receive every visitor as a friend or even as a child.

That hospitality has stuck so far. On every inhabited island, the Mamanucans receive you kindly and invite you to join the festivities. Sometimes they even sing a welcome song. The cheerful Bula, welcome, will certainly not be missing.

Mamanuca Islands Weather

Mamanuca Islands Weather

Located in the South Pacific, Fiji consists of more than 300 islands and has a warm tropical climate all year round with little difference. The only difference in the weather is the dry season and the rainy season. Although Fiji can be visited at any time of the year, it is better to avoid the rainy season. This runs from November to April.

The best time to visit Fiji, and the Mamanuca Islands, is during the dry season which runs from May to October. Temperatures all year round are pleasant and rarely drop below 25 °C.

5x Fun Things To Do

You do not come here for the culture, that is clear. No one can miss the beauty of Mamanuca. Most people stay here in a resort or hotel (s), and they often offer plenty of activities.

1. Go diving or snorkeling

Mamanuca Islands Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling is the most popular activity in the Mamanuca Islands. The beautiful colorful coral and the many tropical fish that you encounter here underwater is not something you see every day. That you can dive so well here is mainly due to the good visibility under water. You can see 40 meters deep here on good days,

The most famous dive sites are Bird Rock, a 40 meter long reef with beautiful colors. Another is the Fish Market and Sherwood Forest where you will find slightly more aquatic plants. At Gotham City you will find, surprisingly, batfish, and at Big W you will encounter larger fish. At Salamanda you can dive at a shipwreck.

2. Learn to surf

Mamanuca Islands Surfing

You can also dive very well at the Mamanuca Islands. The three southernmost islands are known as one of the best surfing locations in the world. The most famous surf spot in Fiji is Cloudbreak, which you can find at the Mamanuca Islands. Surfing is suitable here for beginners and advanced surfers. Everywhere you can rent stuff so you do not necessarily have to bring it from home.

Cloudbreak is only suitable for experienced surfers due to the shallow water, but perfect waves. Other well-known surf spots are Restaurants, also for experienced surfers and Kiddieland, for the beginning surfers. Other spots include Namotu Left, Swimming Pools, Wilkes Passage and Mini Clouds.

3. Take a day trip to Monuriki

Monuriki Island Fiji

Monuriki, or Mondriki, is an unspoiled uninhabited island considered one of the most beautiful spots in all of Fiji. This tropical island with the swaying palm trees, the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches is known for the film Castaway with Tom Hanks. It was filmed here. The island has beautiful beaches and a large lagoon that is ideal for snorkeling.

4. Go to Cloud 9; a floating bar

Cloud 9 Floating bar Fiji

Be surrounded by calm, turquoise water with a beer in your hand. That’s possible because Cloud 9 is a floating bar and pizzeria in the middle of the sea. A very special experience because you are really in the middle of the sea, but in a bar. A floating bar to be precise. It is easily accessible from several resorts in the Mamanuca Islands, or via a 45 minute boat ride from Denarau Port.

Diving and snorkeling isn’t the only thing you can do here. Back on sand, there are plenty of activities and adventurous things to do that will satisfy any day tripper (and there are many). So you can also jet skiing and kayaking here.

5. Go island hopping

Matamanoa Island Fiji
Matamanoa Island

Fiji is somewhat similar to the Maldives except with much more greenery and mountains. Yet you will also find many smaller, tropical islands here. Most resorts in the area offer excursions to other smaller islands that belong to the Mamanuca Islands.

If you have the time, definitely visit Castaway Island, Tokoriki Island, Matamanoa Island and Mana Island. The latter is close to the good snorkeling site; Mana Sand Bank.


Mamanuca Islands Food

All food in Fiji is grown by the population, so it is very fresh. There is hardly any longer shelf-life food for sale in the markets and supermarkets. The food in Fiji is quite cheap, and given Fiji’s past, the typical Fijian kitchen can be divided into an indigenous kitchen and an Indian-Fijian kitchen. The latter is characteristic because of the many curries in combination with rice and roti, a traditional bread. These dishes are prepared in coconut milk called lolo. In general, a lot of fish and vegetables are eaten.

Kava is the national drink of Fiji, and is called Yagona in Fiji. Made from the kava root, kava is a mind-blowing drink without alcohol. The special drink is usually consumed before or after ceremonies and ceremonies.


The Mamanuca Islands are a great travel destination for those who love tropical resorts in a paradise like environment and are eager to explore the marine world.

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