Places Not to Miss in Paris

Best Places to Visit in Paris

Best Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is the capital of France and is regarded as one of the world cities. The many sights, museums, charming streets and beautiful squares ensure that Paris has been a top destination for tourists for decades. Around 25 million tourists annually visit the city of romance. It is the top choice for a romantic getaway.

Eiffel Tower

Best Places to Visit in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is perhaps the most famous and most visited attraction in Paris and is to be found on every postcard and souvenir. That is not surprising, because this tower is a beautiful structure that is an absolute must.

You can take the best pictures from the surrounding park, but it is also possible to enter the tower itself and admire the view from above. Don’t worry, you don’t have to climb this 300 meter high tower. There is a lift going up, making it easy for everyone to reach the top.

The Eiffel Tower is certainly worth a visit in the evening as well. Every hour at noon 12 the tower lights up with 20,000 lights. This creates a true spectacle and attracts many visitors every night and is one of the reasons why Paris is named as City of Lights.

The Louvre

Best Places to Visit in Paris

At the top of the list of most visited museums in Paris is the Louvre. This museum is located in the Louvre palace and here you will also find the iconic glass pyramid belonging to the Louvre.

The museum has a diverse collection of art and antiques. You can admire Egyptian tombs, Greek statues and famous paintings here. The crown jewel of the collection according to many, is the Mona Lisa. A beautiful and intriguing painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which attracts visitors worldwide. Besides this famous painting, there are many others that you should not miss.

The Notre Dame

Best Places to Visit in Paris

This beautiful cathedral can be found on the island of Île de la Cité, which is located in the center of Paris. The cathedral is regarded worldwide as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture.

The cathedral attracts a huge amount of tourists through its impressive architecture, beautiful stained glass windows and unusual sculptures. The “gargoyles” are for example very well known. These statues stand on the top of the cathedral and have an almost creepy appearance.

In addition, you can admire three relics in this cathedral, which are thought to have been from Jesus Christ. This relics also attract many Christians every year to Notre Dame.

Arc de Triomphe

Best Places to Visit in Paris

At the end of the Champs-Élysées stands the Arc de Triomphe. This arch was built by Napoleon to honor and immortalize his victories. The result is an impressive arch of 50 meters high with beautiful sculptures and reliefs that show important events in French history.

Under the arch is a grave of a dead soldier from the First World War. This is also called “the grave of the unknown soldier” and honors the French soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War.

Also at the Arc de Triomphe you have the possibility to go upstairs. You can choose to walk or take the lift and at the top you have a nice view over the city.

The Sacré Cœur Basilica

Best Places to Visit in Paris

This basilica was built to honor the victims of the Franco-German war and is located on the hill of Montmartre. You can choose to climb this hill yourself or to take public transport. Once you have arrived at the top you can admire the beautiful white basilisk.

There is also plenty to see inside. There is a crypt, an impressive stained glass portrait of Jesus Christ and a golden mosaic. If you are on the hill of Montmartre, turn to the city of Paris. From the hill you have a perfect view of the whole city.

The Père Lachaise cemetery

Best Places to Visit in Paris

It may sound a bit strange to mention a cemetery in a list of places of interest, but as soon as you walk around in Père Lachaise you will understand.

The cemetery consists of stone paths overshadowed by green trees. Next to the paths you will find the most beautiful graves often decorated with statues and impressive tombs.

On this cemetery you can also find the graves of many famous people. For instance, Oscar Wilde is buried here. His tombstone is full of red lipstick prints of fans and admirers. Besides Oscar Wilde you can also find the tombs of Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Gertrude Stein.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Best Places to Visit in Paris

This cultural center has 5 floors where you can really do everything. Here you can visit the Musée National d’Art Moderne. This modern art museum is the largest in Europe and has an extensive collection of exceptional works by, for example, Picasso and Matisse.

In addition, there are varied exhibitions and also a library and movie theater. On the roof you can eat at a restaurant and have beautiful views over the city. So you can easily spend a day here and it is a perfect getaway for a rainy day.

Pont Alexandre III

Best Places to Visit in Paris

This bridge is also regarded as one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. The bridge is built in Art Nouveau style and is richly decorated with statues.

There are also high pillars on both sides of the bridge on which gold-plated statues stand. The Pont Alexandre III has an almost fairytale appearance due to the many images of elves, nymphs and special sea creatures.


Best Places to Visit in Paris

The Seine is for a main part responsible for the romance in Paris. You can make several boat trips and you will pass the many historic buildings along the Seine, such as La Statue de la Liberté, Le Grand Palais, La Place de La Concorde, L’Assemblée Nationale and La Conciergerie.

There are also boat trips where you can dine with live music during a mini cruise. From the water, the many bridges of Paris are even more beautiful to behold.

Moulin Rouge

Best Places to Visit in Paris

This Parisian nightclub shines with its illuminated windmill wings in the red light district in the 18th arrondissement. This world-famous nightclub is therefore frequently found in films and books. There is even a musical about, with the name “Moulin Rouge!”.

There are beautiful shows performed, which you can enjoy during a delicious dinner.

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