Best Places to Visit in Dubai | 7 Best Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Dubai



Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the main destinations in the United Arab Emirates. The trading hub on the Persian Gulf is nowadays mainly known as a luxury holiday destination. The construction of hundreds of hotels and a number of very impressive projects such as Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands and the Dubai Marina are some of the many signs that Dubai is now mainly investing in tourism. Whoever travels to Dubai will be overwhelmed by the enormous wealth you are confronted with in many places. Impressive is the way in which they have been able to create a surreal oasis within a warm desert climate with very hot summers. The beauty of Dubai is that the city is constantly evolving. New neighborhoods, attractions and amusement parks are being built, while the existing neighborhoods in Dubai are being improved to allow the tourists to fully enjoy the city.


Burj Al Arab

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

This world-famous seven-star hotel is located in the sea on the very popular Jumeirah beach. Both during the day and in the evening when the Burj Al Arab is beautifully illuminated in various colors, it attracts a lot of attention. The hotel can be reached from the country via a small bridge. The more fortunate people can be dropped off on the roof by helicopter. The lobby alone can be called ‘over the top’ to say the least. The materials used for the embellishment include 24 carat gold leaf and lots of marble. The Al Muntaha restaurant with adjacent the Skyview Bar can be found at about two hundred meters above sea level. Another special restaurant is Al Mahara, which is located next to a deep-sea aquarium.


Burj Khalifa

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

The highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is very much present in Dubai with a total height of 828 meters. The tower is inspired by desert flower Hymenocallis. Burj Khalifa is located at the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center. Visitors can enjoy the view from the tower in three ways. The most used and cheapest way is to use the fastest passenger lift in the world to go to the observation platform “At the Top”. For busy times such as around sunset, reservations are recommended. Another way to enjoy the stunning view is from Atmosphere restaurant. For this restaurant on the 122nd floor (two floors below the visitors’ deck), there is a minimum amount of AED. 300 per person to be spend.


The Walk & The Beach

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

The best beach in Dubai is called ‘The Beach’. This is the beach that is located at the Dubai Marina. Along the beach you will find plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops. Directly behind the beach, where the skyscrapers loom, is the street whose walking area is called ‘The Walk’. Here you walk along dozens of terraces of restaurants while on the street next to you the expensive cars run slowly to be noticed. For car enthusiasts, it is also feasting when you see the many expensive sports cars and limousines pass by. Those who do not like cars can enjoy themselves in the many restaurants along The Walk. An excellent mix of various international cuisines is represented.


Dubai Mall

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

With over 1200 stores and over half a million square meters of retail space, the Dubai Mall is the largest indoor shopping mall in the world. In addition to a number of stores that an average shopaholic can only dream of, the complex also offers a large indoor ice rink, a cinema complex with 22 rooms and an indoor aquarium that is the largest in the world. The shopping center, which is well equipped with catering establishments, runs outside via a bridge along the Dubai Fountain (the world’s largest fountain show) to Souk al Bahar, a smaller shopping mall that has been set up entirely in Arab atmospheres.


Go on a Desert Safari

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

The best way to discover the desert is through a so-called desert safari. With four-wheel drive cars you can enter the desert, often preceded by the possibility to ride quad or ride on a camel. During the desert safari the driver rips across the desert dunes. This is a sensational experience that you will not soon forget. If you do the evening safari, you will also watch the sunset. Subsequently, there is usually a dinner in a desert camp where a belly dancer shows her skills and a water pipe can be smoked.



Best Places to Visit in Dubai

The Deira district is generally seen as the center, although due to the emergence of several major projects such as Financial District, Media City, Dubai Marina and Festival City, there is no longer any single center in Dubai. Deira is clearly a somewhat older neighborhood, making it more authentic than the new parts of Dubai. Sights in Deira are the Gold Souk, where dozens of jewelers sell impressive gold jewelry, the Spice Souk, where the scent of oriental herbs and spices meet you and the Dubai Creek with the traditional boats (dhows) and Port Saeed, a real trading port along the creek.


Aquaventure & Atlantis The Palm

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

The fairytale Atlantis Hotel at the very end of Palm Jumeirah is an attraction in itself. As a non-guest you can only visit a limited part of the hotel, but it is still worth doing this. Next to the Atlantis hotel is Aquaventure, a beautiful water park that is also very suitable for families with (young) children and is considered as one of the best in the world. In a warm and sunny destination such as Dubai, water parks come into their own. From the private beach you have a beautiful view of the villas on the Palm Island. Anyone who wants to swim in the Dolphin Bay belonging to the complex with dolphins can do so, of course for a fee. Another waterpark is Wild Wadi. Both come with an expensive entrance fee, but are great options for a refreshing day out.






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